World’s best bison: 10 things to know August 12, 2021 August 12, 2021 admin

In a country where the number of bison killed for their meat has more than doubled in the past five years, it is a topic that has not escaped the attention of the authorities.

“The Bison are not killed for meat,” says Klimov, who has been working in the industry for more than 30 years.

“They are killed to feed the herds.”

It is estimated that the bison’s meat is sold for as much as $300 a kilo in the wild, and that a herd of 15,000 can be harvested in a day.

The bison is a symbol of Russian history and culture, and many people believe that the animals are sacred.

They are also believed to be able to help in curing diseases, as they do in the Russian Far East.

“It is a religious belief, and it is very hard to prove.

There is a lot of debate about it,” says Bessina.

“But we can confirm that it is true.”

There are more than 7,000 bison in Russia and more than 3,000 live in Russia’s Far East region, including a herd in the Far East city of Nizhny Tagil, which is currently being re-established.

It is also estimated that about 1,500 of the animals survive on a diet of barley, lentils, corn and other grains.

“We have to find the way to make a better product,” says Nizhy, who is the head of a local bison ranch.

“Bison are part of the heritage of Russia and the Russian people.”

However, Bessi says that the vast majority of bisons are killed for the meat of other animals.

“This is a major issue in Russia.

If you are not able to protect the bisons, the meat industry is in trouble,” she says.

Bison meat is used in traditional Chinese medicine, which involves cooking it to remove the parasites and disease-causing organisms.

“In the US, you have the meat in restaurants, in the grocery stores.

In the UK, it’s on the menus of restaurants.

It’s on supermarket shelves.

You see it everywhere,” says Masha, a vegan activist in Moscow.”

When you see the meat on the supermarket shelves, you realise that it’s just a product of animals.

It is a very dangerous industry.

They kill animals in the name of science, not for health reasons.”

Masha says that she wants to raise awareness of the issue, but that she is not sure that she can do it alone.

“I think it’s very important to have people in the streets.

I’m also hoping that the authorities will help us,” she said.”

People have to understand that these animals are not animals.

They belong to us.”