Wimsatt, a PC builder, plans to open an office in Singapore October 13, 2021 October 13, 2021 admin

The owner of a PC maker is opening an office near the world’s second-largest economy to work with its technology community.

Wimsat plans to make its headquarters in Singapore, where it already has offices in San Francisco and New York, and will also open a mobile office next year.

It also plans to hire people to help it improve its product offerings.

The company’s new office will be located in Singapore’s Wimsatta, the city that houses the Singaporean embassy and is home to some of the worlds biggest tech companies.

The move to the country is Wimsatts second office in the country.

The office will allow Wimsats management team to work on product development, product launches, and customer support, according to a statement.

The team will work in Singapore alongside other technology firms including Oracle, Salesforce, and Salesforce.com, and Wimsatin said it is also seeking to expand its presence in the Asia Pacific region.

The Singapore office will help Wimsatis operations in Asia and the Pacific, said Wimsatan CEO, Mark Soh.

Wimsatt has been a pioneer in the PC market.

Its PC line of products has grown to become the world leader in PCs, including laptops, tablets, and servers.

Its PC line has gained in popularity as its products have become more and more affordable and the technology of today is far more sophisticated than it was in the past.

Its product offerings have grown to include high-end products for gamers, gaming consoles, tablets and other devices, as well as high-performance notebooks, high-speed storage, and more.