Which house is the coolest in Australia? September 3, 2021 September 3, 2021 admin

With the arrival of Christmas, here are some house decorations that you may have missed, and some house designs that will be on your list of favourites over the holidays.1.

The Ditch Lane House by George Williams is one of the best examples of an urban house.

Its located in Sydney’s inner west, with its three story Victorian-style house in the heart of a residential area.


The Queen’s Quay House by Mary Todd and Charles Murray, designed by British architect Michael Morin, is one the best modern houses in Australia.

Built in 1949, it is one floor of six stories with an exterior garden, and features a small swimming pool and deck.


The Cairns House by Australian architect and architect, John Hutton, is a Victorian inspired design, and it was designed by Robert Gifford in 1930.


The Pakenham House by architect and builder, James Hutton and his wife, Julia Hutton.


The Woodburn House by John Cairncross was designed in 1927 by Sydney architect, Richard Woodburn.


The White Hart House by Sydney’s Henry Moore and Sydney architect and designer, John Cavanagh, was designed to house a large office, and is located in Parramatta.


The Rooftop House by Michael Gough was designed for the 1960s by the architect, Harry Hill.


The Goulburn House was built by architect John Baskerville in the 1960’s.


The Beehive House by William Hill, built in 1883, is an Australian inspired design that is currently being used as an architectural landmark in Sydney.


The Stokes House by architects Frank Stokes and Frederick Stokes, is in the midst of an international design competition, and has been designed by architect Frank Stoke.


The Maitland House by the British architect, Henry Moore, was one of Sydney’s most notable houses, and in its day, it was the home of the Royal Air Force and a military base.


The Ladd House by The Rochford family, designed in 1928, is located near the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


The Sparkeland House, designed and built by Sydney architects, George and Julia Ladd, is the second tallest house in Australia, and one of its main features is a large swimming pool.


The Wainwright House, by British architects, John Maitlands and John Fitch, is situated on the shores of the Sydney River.


The Horsham House is a modern house designed by Australian designer, Philip Horsmans, that has been described as the “perfect example of Victorian architecture”.


The Shirehouse is a five story house located in Brisbane, with the roof and garden facing the Brisbane River.