When building materials are in your house, don’t forget your trash September 6, 2021 September 6, 2021 admin

Building materials and debris can pose a hazard to people and animals and are subject to building codes.

The following tips will help you reduce the risk of building materials and trash entering your home.

When building material is in your home, don`t forget your garbage.


Make sure trash containers are sealed.

When you put trash in a trash bag, make sure the trash container is sealed.

If you put a trash container in a garbage bag, you should seal it with duct tape or tape to prevent it from moving around.


Wash all trash before putting it in a recycling bin.

If there are no trash containers nearby, you may have to wash the waste.

Wash your hands after you put it in the bin and wash it with soap and water.


If your trash is in the garbage, you need to put it outside.

Do not put it inside your trash container.

When the weather is cool, the air inside your garbage can become too humid and dry out.

You can prevent this by putting the trash outside.


Remove and dispose of your garbage before you put your garbage into the recycling bin or trash can.

It is important to take your trash outside before putting garbage into a recycling container or bin.

When in doubt, call a local law enforcement agency to ask them to remove and dispose the trash in your yard or dumpster.


Do NOT throw out your trash.

Even though it may be hard to see the contents, the contents of your trash can cause a fire hazard.


If a fire begins, do not put out the fire.

Keep the fire under control and put out all the flames before you take any action.


Do your part to prevent your trash from getting into the fire hazard by taking a garbage disposal trip.

Do you know of other tips for reducing the fire risk?

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