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The Globe and a co-operative news agency are collaborating to publish an extensive investigative report on a key Canadian mining company and its alleged ties to the government.

The story will be written by The Globe’s Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter, Ben MacIntyre, and will be published in its entirety on the company’s website this week.

Story continues below advertisementA timeline of the Harper government’s mining policiesThe Globe’s investigation into the Enbridge Northern Gateway project will be the most comprehensive and exhaustive to date into the Harper Conservatives’ mining policy.

The project was approved in 2010 and has seen its approval rate climb to more than 60 per cent.

In the six years since, Enbridge has expanded the project from a proposed 12,000-kilometre pipeline to a total of nearly 200,000 kilometres of pipeline, including a new 8,200-kilometer pipeline in the province of Alberta.

The company has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing.

In a statement to The Globe, Envisat spokesperson Scott MacFarlane said the company “has consistently complied with all applicable environmental, safety and regulatory requirements.

As the first major project in the Northern Gateway Pipeline, Envirotext is a Canadian industry leader and it is critical that all aspects of the project be fully regulated and approved by the federal government.”

Envisat has also said the project will have no impact on the environmental integrity of the land or water, and that it is “a highly efficient, secure and environmentally sound project that will generate jobs and create thousands of permanent jobs across Northern Alberta.”

The Harper government has repeatedly defended its approval of the pipeline.

In 2014, a leaked briefing note to Environment Minister Peter Kent suggested Envisid would not cause any environmental damage, and the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) argued that the project would “provide long-term economic benefits” to the province.

But the Globe’s story is the first time Envisit has been directly questioned by the Globe about the pipeline, and it raises questions about the company and the government’s position on environmental regulations and public safety.

Story has been updated to reflect Envisa’s response to the Globe article.

The Globe has reached out to Envisas representatives for comment.

The Globe and the co-operatives agreement, which is part of The Globe Inc.’s annual transparency report, will be released this week at a press conference at The Globe.

The full report is expected to be released later this month.