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— The construction industry is booming in Florida, and the job market there is also booming.

Construction companies added another 4,000 jobs last year, a sign of economic growth in a state where the unemployment rate stood at 4.4 percent, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

But a booming construction industry can have unintended consequences, as evidenced by the construction industry in Florida that has shut down in the last several years due to low construction jobs.

For years, construction companies have relied on the state’s booming natural gas boom to fill the void left by the shuttered construction industry.

But with the natural gas supply now plentiful and gas prices at record lows, many construction companies in Florida have stopped building homes or renovating existing homes.

The shutdown of some construction companies has forced the state to rely on the private sector to help pay for construction jobs, with companies like Marvids Building Materials and Chaparrals Building Materials.

They provide materials and equipment for the construction of houses and apartments, but they also provide a small percentage of the construction work.

The Marvides and Chaparrals companies both have offices in South Florida.

The Chaparales office was open in 2015, and now has two employees, said Mark Marvillas, a senior vice president with Marvines.

He said the company is focused on expanding and maintaining its presence in South and Central Florida.

The company has not closed down any of its facilities, but it has decided to cut some jobs in order to make room for the new employees.

The construction industry, especially in South, has been hit hard by the natural-gas boom and a severe downturn in oil and gas production.

That has left a large chunk of the jobless in South as the construction sector shrinks, which has forced many businesses to cut jobs.

In the last two years, the South Florida region has lost nearly half of the jobs lost in the construction field in the state, according the BLS.

The job losses have been concentrated in the Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties, where the job losses are more severe.

Marvillas said he is not concerned about the job cuts because he believes they are temporary.

The industry has a lot of turnover, and so I am hopeful that there will be a lot more jobs coming back to the industry,” he said.

The layoffs have forced the construction workers to rely more on a union.

The Florida Building Trades Council Local 2889 has been negotiating with Marvillases company to find a way to keep some of its employees in the industry, but said that is not an option for everyone.”

I don’t think we should be relying on one union or another union to come in and help keep the jobs going,” said Mark Smith, a union representative with the FLBC.

The union is negotiating a deal that would allow Marvinas construction workers unionized to stay at the company, but the FLCC wants to keep the union members employed.

Marvillases employees said that while the company did not pay them any overtime, they are being paid at least $20 per hour.

Smith said that, if that were the case, it would mean the company would be forced to cut costs.

The FLBC said it has not been able to negotiate with Marvellas because it has had to take its workers on strike.

Workers at Marvellases are also concerned about their jobs, but Smith said the workers will not go on strike unless they receive a $20 an hour increase.

Marvellas said it is aware of the FLDC strike and has been working with its construction workers.

The company also is negotiating with the union to provide more training and help them obtain union certification.

But some construction workers said that despite all of their hard work and dedication, they do not feel that the FLLC is helping them get the help they need.”

They don’t know how much the workers are struggling, and they don’t want to know how bad it is,” said John Cusack, a construction worker who is employed by Marvellias company.