Israeli archaeologists find stone building materials in Kalkilin ruins August 21, 2021 August 21, 2021 admin

The archaeologists of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem found some stone building material and used it to build the ancient settlement of Kalkimin, an archaeological site in southern Israel.

The material, which has not yet been scientifically analyzed, was found during excavations of the Kalkiin Ruins, located near the village of Kali, south of Jerusalem.

Archaeologist Naftali Kahana said the material was discovered in a section of the site, called the “truceh” (tunnel), that is in the ground floor.

“The stone was placed in the tunnel and was used to build an underground house,” he told The Jerusalem Times on Sunday.

“At the time, the excavations were still under way, so there were no structures or people in the area,” he said.

“I was shocked to see how the stone was used, especially in a tunnel.”

Kalkiminiin, which means “little town” in Hebrew, was established in the eighth century.

The settlement was founded by the Jews of Kadeshim, who were fleeing the oppression of the Philistines in the early 11th century.

The area, which was located in the northern part of the Galilee, is an archaeological focus, and archaeologists believe the settlement might have been built around a large stone house.

“What makes it a special site is that it was built by a large group of Jews in the late 12th century, which may indicate a new type of settlement,” said Kahana.

The site is surrounded by a series of hills that give the settlement a distinctive appearance.

The archaeologists will return to the site and analyze the material for further analysis.

“We are using the stone to build a new house, to reconstruct an old structure and to show the ancient settlers that there was an area there,” said Kalkitin’s head archaeologist, Uri Shlomo.

The settlement was built around 2,500 years ago and it’s unclear when it was abandoned.