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On this day in history, the first houses were built on the site of the first city built by the Mississaugas.

(Courtesy: City of Mississauga)The Mississaugan capital city was founded by the British crown in 1574 as the first capital city of Canada.

It is located in the northwestern corner of Canada, just east of the border between Quebec and Ontario.

Today, it is Canada’s second-largest city, after Ottawa.

A new building is underway to replace the old one, and will also be the largest and tallest building in Canada.

The City of Toronto has leased the former Toronto-Dominion Bank building at 667 Queen St. W., which is now the headquarters of the City’s building materials department.

It’s estimated the city could spend $400 million to renovate the site.

A team of three architects from the architectural firm Pavetti Architects, who worked on the project, were recently awarded the title of “Queen Street’s Master Builder.”

“It’s a landmark project that represents a significant milestone in our efforts to re-create the character of Queen Street, the city’s historic core,” said City of Ontario spokesperson Sarah Jones.

“We hope that this project will be a catalyst for more and more residential and commercial developments on Queen Street in the coming years.”

The team, which includes architect Paul Bickerton and architect Mark G. Miller, has also designed the building that houses the Mississauga Chamber of Commerce and the Mississaughans Heritage Centre.

The new building will be the city-owned home of the Ontario Chamber of Tourism.

“Queen Street is an icon of Mississauga’s history and culture, a symbol of a strong and diverse city,” Mayor Bonnie Crombie said in a statement.

“This iconic building is now home to the Ontario Chapter of the Mississougas Heritage Centre, and its redevelopment will bring millions of dollars of public funding to the region.

The Mississauga Museum will also open in the building’s future.”

It’s unclear when the first residential and office buildings will be built on Queen St., but a few have been proposed.

The project will likely take years, said the city.

A Toronto Star story last year reported that a Mississauga development company is working on a hotel that would include a hotel, office and condominiums.