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Google has announced that it is going to deliver building materials to the Calgary Transit Commission.

The company has also agreed to build two more transit stations at the transit station on Stampede Boulevard and near the Calgary International Airport.

The agreement is the latest in a string of construction announcements by Google over the past few years, including a $50 million project in Calgary to build the company’s new headquarters.

The news comes just two weeks after Google announced it would open a new headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, and a $25 million project to expand its operations in Singapore.

In an interview with the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. (CBC), Google chief executive Larry Page said that the company would be working closely with local authorities and other organizations to provide support for construction of the new facilities.

He said the company had been in discussions with the city of Calgary for about a year, and would be “proud to have Google Calgary on board.”

“We’re working closely and collaborating closely with the local government in Calgary, the transit commission, the city and the Calgary Redevelopment Authority to deliver this project,” he said.

The city of Edmonton has also approved a plan to build a $15 million transit hub and construction has begun on a new bus terminal, but the announcement was not made public.

Google has a reputation for building large-scale projects, such as a $100 million expansion to its Calgary headquarters in 2014.

The Google offices are located in a complex of buildings on a site at the southwest corner of Highway 63 and the Alberta-Newton highway.

The buildings are being built to accommodate the company, with a total floor area of over 5,000,000 square feet.

The project has been delayed by the construction of an existing building that Google has built for the same purpose.

The Calgary Transit commission is seeking a permit to build six transit stations on Stamps Street.

The commission has said it wants to build all six new stations, including the new transit hub, but will need to complete some work before construction can begin.

Google said it would also build the transit hub in partnership with the City of Calgary and other stakeholders.

The search giant has also said that it would be investing $10 million in the construction, with $6 million going toward maintenance of the existing building.

Google’s announcement follows the company announcing a deal last month to open a $1 billion office building in Dublin and another $1.2 billion in a separate investment in Singapore, which Google described as an opportunity to grow its global operations and expand its services.

The Dublin office, to be called Google City, will be built in a facility that has been developed for Google.

Google is expected to open the Dublin office in 2018, after which the company plans to build an office in Ottawa.