Dublin’s biggest building materials supplier, Tindell, says it’s shutting down September 18, 2021 September 18, 2021 admin

Dublin’s leading building materials firm Tindells has announced it’s closing its doors.

It’s a blow to the city’s local economy and its workers who depend on the industry to support them.

The Irish Times understands Tindels supplier, Dublin City Council, said the company had made the decision to close the company’s two warehouses and three distribution centres, and that the company would lay off up to 250 workers.

Tindell was founded in the early 1980s and has been supplying Dublin with a range of building materials for more than a century.

It supplies the city with more than €3 billion in building materials a year and employs around 1,500 people.

The company has been a key supplier to the City Council for more that a century and is also the only firm to have received a City of Dublin Government grant.

It employs around 100 people in Dublin, but the Dublin City Manager’s Office says it expects the closure to result in some loss of jobs.

The Tindeller supply chain is one of the most important and enduring parts of the local economy, said Dublin City Councillor Conor O’Kelly.

He said the closure was a blow for the local community, but that he believed the company could re-energise the local building industry in the future.

The firm has about 100 employees at its warehouses in Dublin’s west, west of the city, and south of Dublin, and has branches in the south of the county.

It has been producing and selling building materials in the area for the past 100 years, with its products sold to other suppliers.

Its products include cement and plaster, building foundations, walls, tiles, doors and ceilings.

Its supply chain includes major contractors such as Credic and Haughey, and local suppliers such as Tindler, Tynlerton, Trondheim and the firm’s own customers.

The city’s Building and Construction Board said it was working to ensure the remaining staff were retained in the city.

Mr O’Reilly said the industry was facing a tough time in terms of competition from overseas suppliers, and the closure of Tindelling would have an immediate impact on the local business.

Tendell is part of a new generation of international suppliers that are focused on delivering world-class building materials.

The move comes as the Irish Government moves to tackle the country’s housing shortage, with the Government pledging to introduce a national target to reduce housing demand.