Addison Building Materials Company, Inc. to invest in $1B in Texas, Texas State University August 6, 2021 August 6, 2021 admin

Addison building material company, Inc., has joined with the Texas State Department of Housing and Community Affairs to launch a $1 billion investment in a new Texas-based technology that would create 100 new jobs.

The company has been seeking to capitalize on a growing demand for energy efficiency materials in the state.

Its chief executive, John M. Addison, said in a news release that his company, a Texas-headquartered construction company, is partnering with Texas A&M University to explore its energy efficiency technology, which will help create 100 jobs and create $50 million in additional local economic activity.

The Texas Economic Development Council, which is part of the state’s Department of Economic Development, announced the $1 million investment Wednesday, calling it a “significant investment for Texas in the energy efficiency market.”

The company is a member of the Texas Association of Governments’ (TAG) Energy Efficiency Network, which works to support local, regional and national efforts to increase energy efficiency.TAG is the state association of energy efficiency companies and provides the financial support that local governments rely on to expand their energy efficiency programs.

The state Department of Education and the Texas Energy Efficiency Alliance, a coalition of the nation’s leading energy efficiency and environmental organizations, are also part of TAG.

Tag’s mission is to support and support the development of energy efficient solutions for Texas residents, said a statement.”TAG’s mission and mission is a global effort to advance energy efficiency through partnerships, collaborations, and partnerships that will help Texas residents achieve more energy efficiency,” said a TAG spokesperson.

The announcement was made during the opening ceremonies of the State of Texas Energy and Environment Expo, a multi-day conference focused on energy efficiency in Texas.

Addison said the Texas partnership will allow his company to expand its presence in the United States and beyond.

He said that he has been meeting with state and federal officials to discuss a possible expansion of his company’s operations in the U.S. and the possibility of expanding the technology in Texas as well.